Sending Church

The Smith’s Sending & Supporting Church

Our Pastor-Terry Horn

Pastor Terry & Marsha Horn
Pastor Terry & Marsha Horn

As the pastor of the Smith’s and of their sending church, Preparing The Way Church, of Dallas Texas, I would like to introduce the Smith family and their ministry to all interested in advancing the Kingdom of God. They have been trained and equipped for almost ten years at PTW Church and have been duly ordained through PTW Church as ministers of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. They are being sent with the blessings and in accordance with the by-laws and articles of incorporation of our Ministry. They are under the authority of Preparing The Way Church with the purpose to help train, equip, and serve the body of Christ in Mexico and specifically Piedras Negras. They are not in any way to be in competition with the local churches to draw disciples away after themselves or after Preparing The Way Church. If God so chooses to plant and establish a local church through them, it would only happen as a divine move of the Holy Spirit and by confirmation through Preparing The Way Church. It would also be in accordance with the apostle Paul’s method of “not building on another man’s foundation” and hopefully in an area that is not properly serviced by a local church. I will be involved in this ministry and they will be reporting directly to me on all their activity. We are also financially supporting them as well as through prayer, consultation, regular phone conversations, and them traveling back to Dallas periodically to receive personal ministry and further instructions. I respectfully ask that you receive them as ministers of the Gospel and co-laborers together for the furtherance of the Gospel.

In His Name,
Pastor Terry Horn

Visit Preparing the Way Church in Dallas, Texas on the web.

Our Church’s Role In Our Ministry

Preparing the Way Church is our sending church, but also our support Agency.

Please send all financial support or direct inquiries to:

Preparing the Way Church
Attn: Brian & Melanie Smith
2442 W. Jefferson Blvd.
Dallas, TX 75211

Telephone: (214) 394-8302

You can give online here

NOTE: Make support checks to Preparing the Way and put “Smith Family- Mexico” in the memo block of the check

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