Youth Girls Ministry

Uniting young ladies with Intentional Discipleship

Our Mission
Is to prepare young women in Secondary School to University the opportunity for personal growth through ministry that is intentional and glorifies God.

Our Vision
Is to connect young women in the body of Christ in Unity and teach the local church how to raise up disciples who will serve the Lord


Piedras Preciosas was founded by Melanie in September 2016.   She has a love for teen girls and for them to discover who they are in Christ. For over two decades, her and her husband have served in a wide variety of ministries, such as: Pastors of Singles Ministry, Pastors of Couples Ministry, Youth Ministry, Children’s Ministry, Discipleship Ministry, Short term Missions, Men’s & Women’s Ministry, Deliverance & Healing Ministry and Life Training Ministries. They have both written and facilitated Couple’s Retreats and Youth retreats and have ministered to thousands of people many of which are young ladies.

Why do we need Piedras Preciosas Girls Ministry?
God created men and women with different needs. Research shows girls learn more quickly and deeply when they are taught by a role model. This happens best when they are being mentored through a relationship with a godly woman. Statistics show that these young women are already at a crisis level in their teenage years. While some crises cannot be prevented, many are brought on by unwise decisions, poor instruction, a lack of guidance, and lack of biblical training during the teenage and college years. Girls are maturing earlier, being exposed to temptations earlier, and losing their innocence earlier. Therefore, we must reach them and disciple them during this major gap in ministry. God tells us in Titus 2:3-5 that older women are to teach the younger women. Because of the unique needs of teenage girls, ministry to them must be intentional. They must be taught to experience the Father’s Love, to become prayer warriors, and to become mission minded. It is important for them to develop compassion, confidence and character. This ministry is not a substitute for their local church, or youth group. This ministry should be viewed as another benefit for a young woman to grow in her Faith.

What We Do?
Piedras Preciosas meets with an intentional Biblical teaching focused on the needs of young women. We teach young women to love God, love others and love themselves. We prepare the young women in accordance to Proverbs 31. We will mentor them to have strength, wisdom, trustworthiness, loving kindness, and the fear of the Lord.

Teach Compassion
Teach Love
Teach Service
Teach Humility
Teach Forgiveness
Teach Obedience
Teach Gentleness
Teach Honesty
Teach Wisdom
Teach Holiness.

When are reunions?
They are twice a month. They are mostly held on Tuesday evenings. Occasionally, we have separate middle school events and high school/college events.  Sometimes we have a Saturday meeting and sometimes we hold special events on weekends.

Where are reunions?
The reunions take place in local churches in Piedras Negras. The reunions are held in the same church for three months in a row. Giving the opportunity for local churches to be involved as a church host.

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