Healing and Deliverance

These signs will accompany those who have believed: in My name they will cast out demons, they will speak with new tongues;

Mark 16:17     NASB

DSC_0099 DSCN2131

We have been so privileged and blessed to learn so much thru our past ministry resources and the teachings of our pastor to learn more about the spiritual area of Healing and Deliverance.  We have been honored to teach many local pastors and leaders how to develop ministry teams to serve their local church in the area of healing and deliverance thru teaching a course that was developed by our church in Dallas, Texas.  We offer this course to local pastors and ministries.

We have seen many miracles of healing and deliverance over the years through the power and love of Jesus Christ.  Our ministry approach in this area is to teach the Word followed by individual hands on ministry to the people which includes prayer and deliverance.  We are firm believers in the team ministry approach.  This ministry of healing and deliverance extends into the home environment many times.  This is to minister to the family needs and to bring about restoration of individuals, marriages, and parent-child relationships.  Ministry areas include deliverance and inner healing of those who have suffered from abuse, rejection, broken heart, abandonment, generational iniquities/curses, addictions,  etc.  We have traveled with our past churches and our sending church in Dallas, Texas all over the world and seen many healed and delivered from these spiritual bondages.

The Smiths have traveled to Acuna, Allende, Sabinas, Zaragoza, Durango, Piedras Negras, Michochan, and Reynosa in Mexico. They also have traveled to Haiti.  Stateside they have been to areas of Oklahoma, areas of Texas, Florida, and Louisana.

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